New Website, Up and Loaded!

Hi y'all! I have been working very hard on creating my own website, and am proud to say that it is now up šŸ™‚ I apologize for not writing more posts on this site, as a lot happened and I had to reorganize my goals and whatnot. Please check it out! It is :)... Continue Reading →


Sunset Hair feat. Arctic Fox

Never really thought of doing purple and orange before but, what the heck? It's time to try a color other than red or pink! And since warm hues tend to look better on me, I thought it'd be nice to try out somethingĀ very very different šŸ˜‰ I tried out Arctic Fox and am very pleased... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Workout Schedule

Summer sure is coming. Are you ready? BecauseĀ I AM! I've been so pumped to start a new program I designed myself (pros of being a personal trainer) that I can't wait for these next 10 weeks. The way I create workout schedules are super easy. I don't like to have anything set in stone, as... Continue Reading →

My New Do and Leg Workout

First things first--I found my true hair color soulmate. I am digging pink hair, and it seems most of my peers like it on me, too. Double win! Since I had never tried pink before, I started with a pastel pink. But that quickly became hey-let's-make-this-brighter pink. And I'm loving it! Lawd, am I still... Continue Reading →

What the Florida Keys Taught Me

"Life is different in the Keys," one of my clients told me before I was to leave to Florida. How different could it really be, though? It's only Florida. Well, let me say, my client was right--itĀ is different, lol. It's a lot more relaxed. For a young adult who's always on GO and impatient, the... Continue Reading →

Your Grandparents are Important.

"A lot of our friends have grandchildren that just don't seem to want to spend time with them. One of them asked me, 'How do you get them to come over so much?'," my grandma told me as we were driving into Key Largo for a nice, relaxing week of vacation. After juggling two jobs... Continue Reading →

Pastel Pink Hair

I have recently ventured into pastel pink hair--one color I have had massive problems getting! Since you mix it with conditioner,Ā you need to be a light light light light blonde. Otherwise it's not going to show. I naturally have light blonde hair, and IĀ still found that I needed to bleach my hair (I have several... Continue Reading →

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