Fun Friday: Look for Progress, Not Perfection

It’s hard to not expect certain results in life, especially when it’s like you’ve almost been “promised” a certain outcome. Whether it be through relationships, education, work, or fitness, there are always let downs that make us want to quit, and make us feel like shit.

Since I’m working on writing a fitness blog, I’ll spare you the other categories and focus on just my fitness goals. Seeing results in fitness, whether they be the mentally or physically based, are what keep us working out (at least in the beginning!). If we didn’t get anything out of them, would we still push ourselves to the limit? To the max?

As I’m working on the November challenge I created for myself, I feel like I’ve been seeing more progress (I’ve lost weight, too) but then I second guess myself. I can feel the soreness after my workouts, and I’ve been needing more sleep than usual, but I don’t see what I want to see just yet. I see those little improvements that we over-examine as they come in and allow our muscles to pop out more, but for me, that’s not enough. I’m working my a** off to see results and to be successful in this challenge of mine, and there’s no doubt I’ve been working hard towards it.

I turned on my computer recently, and my background is programmed so it changes everyday to another photo I have saved on my computer. This photo came up:


This was 2 years ago (2014) on Easter day with my cousin. I haven’t looked through old photos of myself in long time, because I went through a phase of on and off toxic “I’m fat” feelings where I would sort of beat myself up for looking the way I did and not knowing enough to change that (this was elementary school up to mid-high school). I was still very happy, just not with how I looked. I tried exercise routines and didn’t see results, so I stopped, and focused on learning languages and my studies.

Now, looking at myself to date (I have a lot of photos on Instagram, which are surprisingly not on my computer! haha), I for sure have not recently thought of how far I’ve come, and seeing this photo 2 years later has made me extremely proud of myself and my progress. I’m so busy looking at the little tweaks I’m making in my body that I forgot how I have changed as a whole. Exercise has become my stress reliever, and makes me feel good. I no longer have to force myself to do a workout because I find enjoyment from it.

This is why I like to train others, too. I understand what it’s like to wish that you could look better, and be healthier, and I get that it’s a tough journey. That’s why I created this blog–I have a passion for fitness, and I even changed my own major, even though I knew I would start as a novice. But that’s life–plans change, your direction suddenly does a 180, and you find yourself in something you never thought would happen 🙂




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