Sunset Hair feat. Arctic Fox


Never really thought of doing purple and orange before but, what the heck? It’s time to try a color other than red or pink! And since warm hues tend to look better on me, I thought it’d be nice to try out something very very different 😉

I tried out Arctic Fox and am very pleased with how it looks–I currently have this same color, just a bit more muted out (this photo was before it’s first wash). The products are also vegan and cruelty free, which is a big reason why I was into trying out the brand. Pet lovers can now be happy! The colors are super vibrant too!

The only tip I do have for most: BLEACH YOUR HAIR. My virgin blonde roots never took the colors until I bleached them, and then shebang! Purple roots 🙂

The colors I used were Purple Rain and Sunset Orange with a silicone-free conditioner. I still put in a crap ton of dye for both colors, and I noticed that when I put the purple in my hair, it looked a bit muted. But the end result is what matters, and THAT was an A++++!

You can check out their website here. I’m not being sponsored for their products; I’m just very happy with their product and glad I came across them 🙂 You can also find their dyes at Hot Topic.

Have you tried Arctic Fox?


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