Pastel Pink Hair

I have recently ventured into pastel pink hair–one color I have had massive problems getting! Since you mix it with conditioner, you need to be a light light light light blonde. Otherwise it’s not going to show.

I naturally have light blonde hair, and I still found that I needed to bleach my hair (I have several different colors/levels in my hair).

Now, I don’t have a photo of what my hair looked like after bleaching it (it was not pretty, LOL), but I do have a photo after I toned with Wella T14. I LOVE this toner, and it’s more accessible than T18, which is always out at my beauty store (thanks YouTube).

You can tell my roots are a little darker because they haven’t been through so much processing (it didn’t bother the application though)


After the toner I used Sparks Magenta Mania and Rad Raspberry. I learned this combo from Tasha Leelyn on Youtube, since I’ve never gone pink, and didn’t want to have a really warm pastel pink. Rad Raspberry helps make it cooler.

Combine the two colors with conditioner and apply for 30 minutes to an hour. This is awesome after bleaching–my hair is so soft (as opposed to how it felt after bleaching and toning).

Just to show you, the color you put on your head is what it dyes to. I usually don’t have this with other dyes (they become lighter or darker than what it looks like when applied), so this was a nice surprise.

I’m really liking the Sparks line! There’s no color bleeding after coming out of the shower which my clothes appreciate, and it’s a super easy application. I definitely will stick to their color line when I go to red (which will happen sooner than later 😉 ).

Have you tried pastel pink?



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