How to Create a Workout Schedule

wo schedule

Summer sure is coming. Are you ready?

Because I AM! I’ve been so pumped to start a new program I designed myself (pros of being a personal trainer) that I can’t wait for these next 10 weeks.

The way I create workout schedules are super easy. I don’t like to have anything set in stone, as I’m always changing my mind on what I want to work on that day, but I consistently aim to go to the gym 4-5 days a week.

What I do is take a piece of paper and make it into a calendar for the month (I usually do this on Word). It doesn’t have to be pretty, but something you’ll be able to look at for a whole month, lol. I just create my own calendar with dates, and write in what I do.

In fact, I recommend you write in your workouts the day you do them. This way if you miss a day, you aren’t beating yourself up for it. I also never know what muscle groups I want to workout until the day I do it (depending on how I feel, what’s sore/painful, etc.).

I also unleash my inner child once in a while and find it fun to cross off the days as I get my workouts in. Gotta keep it fun!

Since I’ve recently created a new workout program for myself, I thought I’d share with you how I determine what I do throughout a week’s worth of time to accomplish my fitness goals. It’s very simple 🙂

AND there are only three things to really think about when creating a workout schedule:

  • How many days/week are you working out? This will determine how many muscles are worked in the same workout. 2 days would include a lower body day and an upper body day. 3 days, you could do legs, abs, and upper body. The list goes on.
  • CardioDon’t forget to add cardio, too! How much time do you want to spend walking/running/biking/ellipticaling (yes, I made up my own word)/etc? If you haven’t done cardio on a regular basis for a while, I’d recommend doing 15-20 minutes per cardio session you put in. This also doesn’t have to be everyday–go by how you feel.
  • Have a backup plan. As you can tell on my calendar, I got sick one day. Instead of trying to get my butt into the gym, I let myself get some very needed rest and TLC. This doesn’t interfere much with my weekly workouts; instead, I’ll just be at the gym 4 times and add arms to my upper body days. Problem solved! This is also why I say to write the workout in on the day you do it, so that way you aren’t scribbling out everything if something comes up. We all know that shit happens, and this way you’ll be a little more prepared for the unknown.

Honestly, I hate cardio. I think a lot of people do. I don’t have any cardio listed because I haven’t done anything asides from my warm up and cool down.. oops 😉 but walks are my sort of cardio for the week, and I aim more towards staying active throughout the day.

See how simple that is? I know some people who spend hours trying to make up a workout schedule, when really, it can be as easy as what I described above. 🙂

Do you have a workout schedule?



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