Your Grandparents are Important.

“A lot of our friends have grandchildren that just don’t seem to want to spend time with them. One of them asked me, ‘How do you get them to come over so much?’,” my grandma told me as we were driving into Key Largo for a nice, relaxing week of vacation. After juggling two jobs and half a semester more of college, I was ready to relax.

“We told her, ‘How do we get them to come over? They’re usually the ones asking to come!’.” We all laughed, realizing how true that is–when I was little, I begged to go to my grandparents’ house for the weekend.

My grandparents have always been the eye of a getaway filled with entertainment to my cousins, sister and me. Every time we would come up, there was something fun just waiting to happen. There was never really a dull moment, and I always came back taller (lol).

I know many friends who don’t have any grandparents still alive. I know many that also don’t spend time with their grandparents. But, when I try to think of a reason why, I can’t seem to make up one. Grandparents are not “boring old people”–they are people with great life experiences and lessons we can learn from.

That’s the worst stereotype I have ever heard, and that’s never run true in any of my experiences with elderly people. Every older man or woman I have became friends with has always yearned to give and give and give–whether it be food (which is always accepted, lol), lessons, or just a story they want to tell someone. They want to feel important, because a lot of people dismiss them right at the start.

I realize no one is going to want to hear me rant, and trust me, I respect that (for now), but I just want you to get this out of what I’m saying: be with those you love for as long as you have. We are all getting older. Grandparents are full of knowledge and wisdom, and those things you may perceive in your life as “too much” or “impossible” could be something they have gone through and conquered.

Which is exactly what I learned recently–it’s obvious to my family that I work a lot, and it definitely takes a toll on me. My grandparents were workaholics too, and reminded me that life should be full of adventures, not just work. And I took those words to heart, figured some things out with my two jobs, and now have a lot more time to relax and enjoy myself. And that’s something I never would’ve realized by myself how to do or that I needed.

Do you spend time with your grandparents?



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