My New Do and Leg Workout

First things first–I found my true hair color soulmate. I am digging pink hair, and it seems most of my peers like it on me, too. Double win!

Since I had never tried pink before, I started with a pastel pink. But that quickly became hey-let’s-make-this-brighter pink. And I’m loving it!

Lawd, am I still feeling myself. LOL. I know some of y’all out there totally understand me and how when you find that perfect shade for you, you just keep looking at yourself. It feels like a whole new you. And I guess it is, but it’s really only the external appearance. Maybe you get some more sass, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve started a new workout challenge for myself and have been beasting it out in the gym. Legs, of course, are mad crazy. Who doesn’t like a killer leg day? Now, although itย looks nice and easy, it’s really not. My hamstrings killed for days, and I advise you to use caution when picking what weight you want to use. Those deadlifts will get you later on!

Here’s my most recent leg day routine:


Single leg presses are one of the best things ever! They are so simple but work so much. Romanian deadlifts are probably a close second fave; and abductors/butt exercises are always necessary to pop in.

My workouts aren’t too long–I usually get in and out in 40 minutes. My legs were shaking and sore after this workout, and it was really fun. The amount of fun I have during a workout matters ๐Ÿ˜‰

Supersets are awesome!ย I usually superset to 1) save time and 2) work more muscles out in a shorter amount of time. Supersets are doing two exercises back to back with little/no rest in between. They’re great to try if you haven’t yet.

I hope you try this leg workout! I love legs and really make them kickass, and I’m hoping to add more of my workouts here soon ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your leg days like? What exercises do you like doing?



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