Hey! My name is Baylee, thanks for checking out Bay the Beast! I’m a student, personal trainer, hair dye enthusiast, baker, pet lover, and avid traveler. I love to write and share my experiences through photos and bad jokes. You’ll find a lot of sarcasm around here 😉

My goal is to entertain you and teach you something new! I love to share the weird things I do and teach others things I have learned.

Some of the topics I cover:

BLOG: Welcome to (parts of) my life. It’s a bit of a weird journey but you should have fun reading the posts! 🙂 It’s usually what I’ve been up to or what’s been on my mind.

FITNESS: I’m a personal trainer and student in Exercise Science. I love fitness and it’s a field I love to teach others about. I share some of my workouts, experiences, and tips for those interested.

TRAVEL: I love to plan vacations and trips and share my tips for travelling while tight on budgets. I also show you some places I’ve been able to go see, and share my vacations with y’all.

FINANCE: Being a student and having to manage money is some tough stuff, but I teach you what I learn as I improve my financial savvy 😉 it’s also fun managing money!

HAIR: My hair color changes almost with my mood, lol. I’ve dyed my own hair crazy colors for over eight years and share with you my experiences.

Take a look around and enjoy bebes.



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