What the Florida Keys Taught Me

“Life is different in the Keys,” one of my clients told me before I was to leave to Florida. How different could it really be, though? It’s only Florida.

Well, let me say, my client was right–it is different, lol. It’s a lot more relaxed. For a young adult who’s always on GO and impatient, the Keys will teach you a lesson or two. But this isn’t going to be a dull list–it’s going to be a funny one 🙂 Here are some things I got the pleasure to learn on vacation.

  • Never spray sunscreen in the opposite direction of the wind. My cousin learned this and got a face full of sunscreen, lol. A lot of chuckles were passed.
  • Drink on vacation but don’t get tipsy/drunk. My uncle had the goal one day to get me drunk off the resort’s bar. Unfortunately, he succeeded. I didn’t mind it, as I’m with family and we were having fun, but when we got back to the hotel, I felt bad. My grandfather had bought me vodka and cranberry juice which I never had the opportunity to share with him, and I didn’t recover fully for three days (another note to self–stick to shots). So, I’ll stick to one drink (at a time) and not getting anywhere near the tipsy stage while on vacation.
  • Get on the highway FAST. We almost got hit coming onto Route 1 because everyone drives like maniacs! Use your caution and best judgment. And when in doubt of the driver’s abilities, scream.
  • Watch the sunset. The sunset is amazing, especially in Key West. Sit down and watch it. Everyone comes to the docks in Key West and it gets quiet around the time the sun’s about to completely set. It’s a beautiful experience

  • Become one with nature–go snorkeling, kayaking, or out on a boat. Watch for the wildlife out there and see what you can find. There’s sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, sting rays and tons of fish. Look at them! Look at how peaceful they are, just swimming along like Dory. It’s so easy to connect with nature in the Keys, and it’s awesome!
  • Watch for car doors–haha! I have to put this in. We were hurrying to get to a dock one day and I closed the car door on my finger. Two weeks later and I am STILL recovering, and my finger still hurts like a b***h. Don’t do it. Just don’t, lol.
  • RELAX. Don’t think about work, school, or any other stressors. Just sleep in, relax, and breathe. The Keys is full of relaxation and spaces you can just be by yourself. Go by the water, lie in a hammock (my fave), close your eyes, and just take in the moment. Your body and mind will thank you.

The Keys and the time I spent with my family helped me concentrate on what was also really stressing me out during my daily life, and I made changes to stop that stressor even before I got home (that goes against the relax bullet, I know, but it made me feel extremely better). I also connected with family so much more than I imagined I would, which was the ultimate pro 🙂

And if you’re in the Keys, know that I am very jellin’ 😉



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