How to Create a Workout Schedule

Summer sure is coming. Are you ready? Because¬†I AM! I've been so pumped to start a new program I designed myself (pros of being a personal trainer) that I can't wait for these next 10 weeks. The way I create workout schedules are super easy. I don't like to have anything set in stone, as... Continue Reading →


My New Do and Leg Workout

First things first--I found my true hair color soulmate. I am digging pink hair, and it seems most of my peers like it on me, too. Double win! Since I had never tried pink before, I started with a pastel pink. But that quickly became hey-let's-make-this-brighter pink. And I'm loving it! Lawd, am I still... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday: Look for Progress, Not Perfection

It's hard to not expect certain results in life, especially when it's like you've almost been "promised" a certain outcome. Whether it be through relationships, education, work, or fitness, there are always let downs that make us want to quit, and make us feel like shit. Since I'm working on writing a¬†fitness blog, I'll spare... Continue Reading →


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